Friday, March 4, 2016

The Campaign Trail 2016: Super Tuesday is over, what comes next?

Donald Trump won big for the Republican Party and former Senator Hillary Clinton won big for the Democratic Party on Super Tuesday. Both will be looking to continue their momentum as their opponents try to knock them out of their front running positions on Saturday. As things heat up for the Republican and Democratic parties, the Libertarian party announces its first debate for the 2016 presidential campaign.

After the results of Super Tuesday, former GOP presidential nominee hopeful Gov. Chris Christie stumped for Trump appearing with the billionaire for his speech and hyping up his campaign hoping to keep Trump's momentum going and attract more of the party to his campaign.

Meanwhile on Thursday morning the GOP 2012 Republican presidential nominee, former Gov. Mitt Romney made a highly publicized speech attacking Trump. Romney lambasted the billionaire 2016 Republican front runner while urging voters to go with Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich, or Senator Marco Rubio instead, strangely leaving out Ben Carson of the statement.

After Super Tuesday Carson opted not to attend the Republican debate on Thursday night, but he did not officially suspend his campaign until Friday evening.

“I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results,” said the official statement released by Carson's campaign on March 2nd.

Despite doing only slightly better than Carson at the polls, there is no sign yet that Kasich is suspending his campaign. The far from the lead third place contender Rubio has stated he is not suspending his campaign.

“No matter how many states it takes, no matter how many weeks and months it takes, we are going to stop Donald Trump, and win this election,” said Rubio's campaign in an email sent out to likely supporters on March 3rd.

After seeing Thursday night's GOP debate, not attending might have managed to actually boost Carson since this debate caused the three major candidates to sink even lower than previous debates, however he was at the point there was no chance he could get the Republican nomination. Somehow now even Trump's penis size was a debatable topic between Rubio and Trump in this debate.

How any of this will potentially effect what voters do at the polls on Saturday is unknown. Will Trump keep up his dominating winning streak? Will Cruz push his way toward the top? Can Rubio get himself out of his floundering third place standing? Will Kasich continue to stay in the race? On Saturday we will find out when Kansas, Kentucky, and Maine hold their caucuses and Louisiana holds its primary.

In a far more civil appearing battle Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders continue to battle it out in their close race for the Democratic nomination. Sanders had a disappointing day on Super Tuesday only taking four states.

Then another blow came to his campaign. Sanders' win in Colorado on Super Tuesday became a win in name only. Sanders won the popular vote but due to delegate dispersion, he and former Senator Hillary Clinton managed to tie in the state, each walking away with 38 delegates.

Sanders' campaign has been promoting much better results for the candidate projecting wins in three states over the weekend. This is a move obviously designed to bring out Sanders' supporters and keep them from being frustrated after Super Tuesday, but if Sanders can't win the three projected states this prediction could sink his campaign.

Saturday the two will face off at the Kansas and Nebraska caucuses and Louisiana primary. The two will also face off in the Maine caucuses on Sunday.

The Libertarian party announced Wednesday that a televised debate of the Libertarian presidential candidates will take place on Fox Business Network on April 1st and will be moderated by John Stossel. This is a great opportunity for voters, who have been vocalizing dissatisfaction with the elites of their prospective parties, to see the different potential Libertarian nominees before the general election. There are currently 12 candidates vying for the nomination including the 2012 Libertarian Party nominee former Gov. Gary Johnson and cybersecurity expert John McAfee. Not all of the candidates will be participating in the debate. The Libertarian nominee will be picked at the Libertarian Party National Convention that runs from May 27 until May 30 in Orlando, Florida.

For the next coverage of The Campaign Trail 2016 for the Republican and Democratic parties, come back after the Saturday caucuses and primary results are finalized. Coverage of the Libertarian party will be available when more information is released.

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