Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Campaign Trail 2016: A stalemate for both parties.

Despite Senator Bernie Sanders winning two of the three Democratic primaries both parties essentially had a wash overall yesterday.

The Democrats basically had a stalemate yesterday despite what you may be hearing from various supporters claiming major victories. In Utah Sanders won by a landslide taking 79.3 percent of the vote and former Senator Hillary Clinton only getting 20.3 percent of the vote. Utah had 33 delegates up for grabs and although the complete dispersion is not yet known, so far Sanders has collected 26 delegates and Clinton has collected six. Next up was the second landslide victory of the night for Sanders in Idaho. Sanders managed to get 78 percent of the vote and so far has collected 17 of the 23 delegates that Idaho was giving out. Clinton received 21.2 percent of the vote and has collected five delegates so far.

Clinton won the third, and final contest of the night in Arizona collecting 57.6 percent of the vote. Arizona had 75 delegates to award and Clinton has collected 44 of the delegates so far. Sanders received 39.9 percent of the vote and has collected 30 delegates so far.

As far as the whole night went, Sanders collected 73 delegates so far from yesterday and Clinton collected 55 delegates. What this means is Sanders shortened the gap, for the first time since Nevada, between him and Clinton by 18 delegates. Without counting superdelegates this still leaves him 303 delegates behind Clinton and meaning that as far as assuring claim to the Democratic nomination, neither candidate won last night.

Democrats Abroad finished tallying their votes on the 21st and Sanders was the winner by a landslide with 68.8 percent of the votes. Clinton received 30.9 percent of the votes. This year 34,570 Democrats voted as part of Democrats Abroad and Sanders collected nine delegates and Clinton collected four delegates. There are four additional unpledged delegates that will be determined by superdelegate pledges. Democrats Abroad are Democrats who live in foreign countries and have met the criteria for voting as a Democrat Abroad. The Democratic party recognizes them as the equivalent of one state as far as nomination purposes go. Democrats Abroad can cast their vote via mail, fax, and email from January 11th through March 8th. For those who wanted to vote in person, the Democratic party opened 121 official voting centers in more than 40 countries from March 1st through March 8th.

Next up for the Democrats is their final contest in March. On the 26th Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington state will be having their Democratic contests.

The Republicans only had two contests on the 22nd. The first up was Arizona, a winner take all state with 58 delegates up for grabs. Trump won the state, and all 58 of the delegates, with 47.1 percent of the vote. Senator Ted Cruz came in second with 24.9 percent of the vote and Governor John Kasich came in fourth with ten percent of the vote. Trump's victory margin in Arizona may not be in reality as big as it appears to be. Many Republicans had already voted prior to Senator Marco Rubio dropping out and Rubio actually, despite having suspended his campaign, came in third in Arizona. Rubio's roughly 70,000 votes (and Ben Carson's roughly 14,000) would not have pushed Cruz over Trump so regardless Trump won the state and since Arizona is a winner take all state would have still collected all of the delegates.

In the other Republican contest of the night, Cruz had a landslide victory. Cruz received 69.2 percent of the vote in Utah, a proportional state with 40 delegates. Because Cruz received over 50 percent of the vote Utah awarded him with all 40 delegates. Kasich came in second with 16.9 percent of the vote and Trump came in last with 14 percent of the vote.

As far as how the night went overall for the top two Republican candidates, it was essentially a wash. Kasich received no delegates but Trump only collected 18 more delegates than Cruz. He widened his lead a little, but certainly not by much.

Yesterday was the last contest in March for the Republicans. Next up will be the winner take all state of Wisconsin on April 5th.

For the next coverage of the Democrats return after the final tally of the votes has been completed for voting on March 26th and for the next coverage of the Republicans return after Wisconsin's votes have been tallied from the 5th of April.

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