Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Campaign Trail 2016: The New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire brought some new surprises into the race, on the Republican ticket what a difference eight days made. Marco Rubio was riding high from his higher than expected third place finish and Donald Trump barely finished ahead of Rubio for his second place finish that all polls showed was going to be a definitive first place finish. But that was Iowa and this is New Hampshire. The big winners of the night were Trump and John Kasich. Trump showed in New Hampshire his supporters can make it to the poll with his astounding first place finish in The Granite State blowing away all the other Republican candidates. Kasich also came out fighting for his second place finish beating out his other moderate rivals Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio. The big loser of the night, Rubio with his fifth place finish that was all but assured to be an easy second place finish after Iowa. Bush spent the night flip flopping with Cruz for the third place finish ultimately taking the fourth place slot. After the results of the night is has become rather obvious that Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina should drop out of the election. Chris Christie also failed to register among voters and should also probably throw in the towel at this point. Based off of the complete results of Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz, and Bush should continue battling it out in South Carolina on February 20th. As to who will ultimately get the Republican nomination, all bets are off at this point.

On the Democratic ticket Bernie Sanders blew away Hillary Clinton for the first place finish with almost 60% of the vote making him the big winner of the night. Clinton barely took Iowa and took a distant second place in New Hampshire showing that this will probably be a long and tough fight between Sanders and Clinton to determine who gets the Democratic Nomination. All eyes will now turn to the Nevada caucuses on the 20th to see if Sanders or Clinton will take top prize there.

Check back on the 19th for the next Campaign Trail 2016 report.

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