Monday, May 9, 2016

The Campaign Trail 2016: Democratic Infighting

A group of concerned United States citizens, fighting for transparency in elections, fairness, and opposed to superdelegates, have started #DropOutHillary, a new movement against former Senator Hillary Clinton in an attempt to get her to drop out of the Democratic presidential primaries so that the elections are fair and the second place candidate can take the number one spot. Regardless of the fact that when superdelegates aren't considered the Senator from Vermont is still in a distant second place, #DropOutHillary is attempting to convince Clinton that she has lost the race and get their candidate into first place, regardless of what the voters have said.

Surprisingly, the former Secretary of State has not yet announced that she has suspended her campaign.

Meanwhile, across the deep blue Pacific Ocean, far from the United States mainland but not that far from Indonesia, a small island noted for their tropical beaches and sunken warships held their Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday. The tropical island, dominated by the Chamorros, heavily went in favor of Clinton giving her 60 percent of the vote. Senator Bernie Sanders only received 40 percent of the vote. Guam had seven delegates that were bound through the caucuses and they awarded Clinton four of the delegates and Sanders the other three. While overall this contest was essentially a draw, Sanders was hurt the most as Clinton continues to edge closer and closer to the required delegate count to win the Democratic nomination as he continues to trail by a large amount.

Back on the mainland, reliable reports indicate that Clinton continues her campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

In the northwest where the American rain forests are located, finalized reports have come in from the Evergreen State's Democratic caucuses that were held on March 26. Sanders won Washington State with 72.7 percent of the vote but was only awarded 25 delegates out of the 101 total delegates that Washington had on that date. Clinton had only been awarded 9 delegates. Sixty seven of Washington's 101 delegates are awarded based on performance in the congressional districts. Washington has finally completed all the calculations and has given Sanders an additional 49 delegates so Sanders ended up receiving a total of 74 delegates from Washington state and they awarded Clinton an additional 18 delegates so she ended up with a total of 27 delegates.

The press corps still report that Clinton is continuing her campaign.

Return for continuing coverage of The Campaign Trail 2016 after the Democratic results in West Virginia on May 10th are released and after the Republican results in Nebraska and West Virginia on May 10th are released.

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